Friday, November 09, 2007

Solar Decathlon: drains

When you have a 2GB memory card you take more pictures than you might otherwise. Including some lame stuff. I'm trying to skip the really lame stuff, but leave the only slightly lame.

These first two pictures are of a custom dish rack for drying your dishes. It's a stainless steel trough that runs along the wall behind the sink. There's wooden blocks that can be placed to cover the trough when not in use.
You can see in these pictures that it's elevated above the counter. So if you have the room you can put one in as an after thought instead of redesigning the kitchen.

Not really an environmental improvement so much as just something different that I thought looked cool. Same with these next two pictures.
Nifty shower drain, but I think walls around it would still be appropriate.
This is kinda slick, but I think I'd want the faucet on the other side. When cleaning the sink I don't want to have to keep hauling water up to the upslope side.

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