Wednesday, August 02, 2006

more foam

My new hose came in today. I'll say this for the people at TigerFoam, the staff is friendly, helpful, courteous, and really did what they could to help me out without risking getting ripped off. They dropped it in the mail monday afternoon and it was here wednesday lunchtime.
But this hose only worked a bit better than the last one. The hose to tank B, the foam tank, lost some content through that same gap but not much. It ran down the tank and stopped leaking. Tank A, the tank with the brown liquid, started by losing some content. I figured if I hurried I could make the best of it. So I sprayed like mad. When I turned around Tank A was covered in foam (see it comes out as foam and then settles into a brown liquid) and was spitting foam across the computer room onto the far wall.
There appears to be a reason the website says this stuff covers 600 sq/ft 1" deep. You can put up an inch deep layer then move on while that sets up. You have to put up 6 layers.
I'm gonna have the crew just finish the bathroom and then get some slow fill stuff to fill in the walls. I'll have to hire professionals to foam the rest of the back wall and the underside of the roof.

So I cleaned up the mess. I put down an old shower curtain so I could just pick up the pool of brown liquid and toss it out the second floor door. Good thing I planned to rip out the carpet in favor of bamboo flooring because that carpet is ruined.

To look at my hands you'd think I was a reject for the part of The Thing in The Fantastic Four.

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