Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday links: Feb 6

Game: Chain of Fire - set people on fire and then watch them run around setting other people on fire. [link]

Thrown shoe monument built in Iraq. [link]

I want one of these. [link]

A selection of awesome coffee cups. [link]

Quiz: Do you have Biblical morals? [link]

Nerd merit badge. [link]

Awesome snow globes. [link]

Iraqi women had 80 women raped so they'd volunteer to be suicide bombers. [link]

Nerd ranking system. [link]

Game: Super Stacker 2 - 40 levels of stacking stuff on other stuff. [link]

Etch-A-Sketch master. [link]

David Attenborough on The Tree of Life

I think they got the wrong guy.

A kid tripping after his visit to the dentist.

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