Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Links: 27 Feb

Uwe Boll directed something that doesn't suck.

Christopher Moore is appearing at "Politics and Prose" tonight. [link]

Pick the name for the next node on the International Space Station. [link]

Stained glass 1d20. [link]

The Navy can't hit an unmanned vehicle.

What "Carmina Burana" sounds like.

A lippy 4-year old girl acts as her father's art director. [link]

When I finally make it to New York I'm going here. [link]

Republicans: "But we don't WANNA be responsible!"

Baby born with 12 fingers and toes. [link]
Typically this results in a pretty retarded child. I'd really like this kid to be OK and pass on his extra fingers.

The writer's guide to Animaniacs. [link]

Garfield minus Garfield [link]

Coke can plasma engine. [link]

Game: Sky Invasion [link]

I've been rather busy this week otherwise this would just keep going.

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