Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Digital Toaster Project: Computer components

So, how, you may ask, do I plan to cram an entire computer inside a toaster? Computers generally involve a large metal box. I do it by using very small parts.

Let me point you at Running down the right side you can see lots of small computers other people have made. I'm particularly fond of the ones made from a guitar or an ammunition case. Converting old game systems is also rather popular.

Here are the more significant pieces I've gathered.The CD is there just for scale.

On the left is the mini-itx motherboard with big honking processor. It's not top of the line, but Yummy isn't gonna be playing the latest processor eating games on this system. On the far right is the hard drive. 320GB if you can believe it. In the middle is a slot loading CD/DVD drive. I used slot loading instead of a tray is because I really want the CD to be fed in like toast. Between the CD drive and the motherboard is a red 4" CCFL light. There are two of them which should make the slots glow when the computer is on.

There are other supplementary bits that I plan to make when the computer is done. I'll provide more information when I finish them. I plan to gut a USB memory stick and encase it in a lipstick tube. Also, an external hard drive housed in a book.

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