Thursday, February 19, 2009

2008 Academy Award Nominated Animated Shorts

Yummy and I went to see the Academy Award Nominated Animated Shorts this weekend. They showed the 5 nominees and 5 honorable mentions. I'd seen 6 of the 10 already.



Lavatory - Lovestory

This Way Up (trailer only)

La Maison En Petits Cubes (my money for the winner because the Academy likes the sad stuff)

honorable mentions
Hot Dog (trailer)

Varmints (bootleg clip)

Gopher Broke

John and Karen [link]



GreenCanary said...

That stupid sad one almost broke me. You know how hard it is to sob silently in a movie with no words? IMPOSSIBLE. I just had to let the snot and tears run down my face until it was over. Stupid cartoon.

lacochran said...

These are great! Didn't you say "10"?

Ibid said...

Yep. 10. They're all there. The 9th one, "John and Karen" is a link. I couldn't embed the video.