Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Links: Feb 20

How to secure your data.

Movie trailer parody.

I first heard this on Dr. Demento. I had to look it up the other day so Yummy would know what I'm talking about when I occasionally start spouting lines. Listen to the MP3 version. [link]

"Escape From City 17" episode 1

Coke Babies.

Virtual Apple. It's a site that runs emulators of old Apple ][ games. Probably the best known is "Oregon Trail". [link]

A ranking officer in the Army claims that they have EMP grenades but admits he hasn't seen them. Possibly a loon. Probably a loon. From an engineering perspective, I hope he isn't. On the other hand, it's technology so ripe for abuse I kind of hope it's impossible. [link]

The Daily Show's best clips about evolution. [link]

If you're in the DC area and knit then you can help make helmet liners for troops in Afghanistan and Iraq by participating in a group knitting project at the National Museum of Health and Medicine on the campus of Walter Reed Army Hospital on Feb 28. Information and the pattern are available at the link. [link]

A collection of free short sci-fi stories. [link]

The proper way to respond to a creationist's debate request. [link]

How to grow your own fresh air.

One of my favorite online games. Picross 2 [link]

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