Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quick and easy snowflake

Enough of the down on Christmas mythology posts. Today I'm gonna show you how to slap out a snowflake.

Don't print that. It's the wrong size. Well, I suppose you can do this with any size square. I really wanted to spend more time on the graphics, but ... you don't wanna hear it.

Don't print it, but use it as a guide. What you want are six (6) squares of paper. I tend to take regular white printer paper, turn the top sheet 90° to the other 5, mark the edges, and cut. Another solution is to just fold the paper at a 45° angle so the top edge meets the side, mark the edge, and cut, but that does tend to leave one with a crease which we don't want for this project.

Now, you can see in the graphic that you need to make four (4) cuts while leaving the middle intact. They don't have to be exactly where mine are, just try to make them consistent across all six (6) sheets.

Now bring the upper case A toward you to meet the other upper case A and attach them. Tape, stapler, glue, you decide how.

Do the same thing with the lowercase b and the other lower case B only bend them away from you.

And then bring the two upper case Cs toward you, meet them up, and attach.

Repeat this with the other five (5) sheets of paper.

Now, take three of the reformed sheets and press the upper case Ds together. The As from one sheet should be touching the Bs from the next. Fasten the Ds together however you like. I'm fond of staplers, myself.

Repeat with the other three (3) sheets.

You now have two nearly identical half snow flakes. Put the bound Ds from one against the bound Ds from the other and attach.

If you want to call that done you can. Sometimes I find it necessary to bind the As from one sheet to the Bs of the next just for structural stability. It's up to you.

The picture (below) shows the one I made for the office. I hung it from the ceiling so it dangled just above the tree. You can also take another sheet of paper, twist it into a cone, and fasten it to the snowflake (you figure out where) and put the top of the tree in the cone.

The eyes are courtesy of Scott Kurtz of


Kate said...

I can't wait to try this! If the stupid patients would just leave and stop being sick, then I'd have more time to devote to my internet finds.

Ibid said...

Yeah, I'd get so much done if not for customers and co-workers.
Similarly, I would have learned so much in college if I hadn't had to go to class.

Sweetly Single said...

The sad part is that I have spent the entire morning figuring out blogger issues and playing with this snowflake design.... and it is TOTALLY YOUR FAULT LMAO

You bad influence you!!

Did I mention... Thank you!!

Ibid said...

Another day successfully ruined!

lacochran said...

This is even better than a Readers Digest Christmas tree!