Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Links: Dec 19

Uses for plastic bottles. [link]
One thing he doesn't do is pour boiling water in the bottle. This causes it to shrink and get thicker. Put the cap on while the plastic is still soft so it doesn't bend out of shape. Once it cools you have a very durable water bottle.

When I talked about the Dougmas Jar some people wondered why I dislike the Salvation Army. Here's part of the reason. They're forbidding one of their leadership from marrying a non-member. [link]

Expensive gift ideas. [link]

5 comic book heroes that made a real world difference. [link]

Professional liquid cooled computer. [link]

This chair says "I'm the guy in charge". [link]

The singing group "Straight No Chaser" singing their take on "The 12 Days of Christmas".

An addition to the Pro column in the argument for forced sterilization. [link]

The homes of the people who are supposed to get us out of the housing mess. [link]

A list of common misconceptions. [link]

Idiot thief claims to have been held prisoner by a ghost for 3 days. [link]

Brain scan can start reading images in your mind. [link]

Finally, a working reconstruction of the Antikythera mechanism. [link]

Detroit newspapers to cut home delivery to alternate days. [link]

Vertical farms. [link]
slideshow [link]

Looks like they actually are making a Wolverine movie.

And possibly the most useful link of the week is a site that plots the route of your trip and tells you the weather you can expect as you travel. [link]


Kate said...

I've been fascinated with vertical farms for years. It's a horrid obsession.

Ibid said...

I spend 22 years working a horizontal farm. I'd much rather work a vertical one.

lacochran's evil twin said...

That chair looks like something out of one of those elongated Bugs Bunny Cartoons with Hazel the Witch.

But, if you got it, I'm sure it looks totally good.