Friday, December 05, 2008

Links Friday: 5 Dec

David Tennant (Dr. Who) fulfills a pianist's last wish by performing Hamlet with his skull 26 years after his death. [link]

"The Electric Company" returns in January. [link]

If you're buying someone a telescope for Dougmas read this first. [link]

Dec 25 cards. [link] [link] [link]

How to build a Flintstones car. [link]

Hubble Telescope Advent Calendar (check daily) [link]

Crabs own this island

One solution to the looming energy shortage is to make smart appliances. Power demand spikes at certain parts of the day and slacks off at others. It would help to shift the demand from peak times to slack times. Typically advocates mean plug-in hybrids that wait to charge until after most people are in bed. These appliances would communicate with the electric company to know when is best for them. Your bill would even reflect this by charging less for off peak usage.
Here's a smart fridge that doesn't live up to what I describe above but is a start. [link]

Supersonic booms to calm a hurricane? [link]

For the Jewish Star Wars fan. [link]

500 years of board games. [link]

This black Christian woman is OK with slavery. [link]

World of Warcraft does "Who's On First". [link]

40 best TV show themes of all time. [link]
Even if you skip the rest you want to hear number 7

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