Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Links: Dec 12

Couple beat their baby to death with a hammer to rid it of demons. [link]

I want one. Buy me it! [link]

Jones' Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage

10 Fun(?) Facts About Charles Darwin. [link]

A video showing Lockheed Martin testing their new missile killing robot. [link]

A get out Armageddon free card. [link]

Lameness in Star Wars canon. [link]

I just finished watching "Jericho". It was a show about a small town after nukes destroy 23 major American cities. It ended long before the storyline was over, but it still stopped in a good place. The whole run is available on CBS's website. [link]

The 10 least successful holiday specials of all time. [link]

A crocheted Beholder. [link]

Blocks for your little mad scientist. [link]

Jon Stewart beats up Mike Huckabee with his own words. [link]

The truth of the auto maker bailout. [link]


Sweetly Single said...

Dear Santa

I know I have not been a very good girl this year; but please oh please give me a muppet dressed up as an afgan refugee and some mad scientist blocks and oh please don't forget the Beholder my moody hamster will love that one!!

P.s. please give my good friend ibid the robot he always wanted and world peace.


Ibid said...

Afghan refugee: Someone whose mother won't stop crocheting them blankets.