Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Links: March 27

A TV production of Casino Royale.

How to deal with a anti-gay bill. [link]

Wild baboons kidnap puppies. For protection or for pets? [link]

Sea lion pups wandering San Francisco. [link]

Oil rich Norway dumped all it's Walmart stock for being unethical. [link]

The entomology of "You're toast". [link]

Man thrown in prison for 5 days without food or water before being "discovered". [link]

The Tetris song has lyrics.

The most relaxing song in the world. [link]

Student suspended for not possessing marijuana. [link]

What causes old folks smell? [link]

Man released after 3 years without a trial. [link]

Army prostitution ring. [link]

Surfing on icebergs. [link]

How Neanderthals may have sounded.

Motorized ice sled/boat.

Tech degrees earn you more than arts degrees. [link]

What you'd find all the way to the center of the Earth. [link]
(not to scale)

Movie pitch for Leviathan. [link]

Shut Up and Dance to movie clips.

Even the official patent shows that toilet paper goes OVER. [link]
unless you have cats or children

Friendly owl lands on heads. [link]

Internet Explorer finally gets the axe. [link]

The White House edited CIA report that justified the Bush invasion of Iraq is now declassified. [link]
The White House edits tended to be to adjectives. "Unlikely" to "highly likely" sort of changes.

Street legal JetSki.

The cost savings of switching from cable to streaming video. [link]

How the brain changes as you learn physics. [link]

Download a free copy of Pixar's RenderMan software. [link]

A privately made and owned geyser. [link]

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