Friday, March 06, 2015

Friday Links: March 6

Mice go extinct in mouse utopia. [link]

Facebook cover photo art. [link]

Another religious group protecting it's pedophiles. [link]

Anti-pirating ad music stolen (improperly licensed). [link]

Nested microwave ovens being used as a time machine.

10 jobs to enter if you like crazy-ass bullies. [link]

Marilyn Monroe was not a size 10/12/16/whatever. [link]

The manufacturers of Buck Knives will heat treat your homemade knives for you. [link]

The construction and operation of Jabba the Hutt. ~20 minutes [link]

Mary Poppins death metal.

Birds give this kid gifts. [link]
So, Disney princess meets Tim Burton film?

Patrick Stewart sees himself everywhere. [X-Men] [Star Trek]

How they put the heads on fancy pins. [link]

Some damn impressive CGI water. [link]

Nifty rooftop houses. [link]

Gods. You again? [link]

George Harrison killed by beetles. [link]
Once upon a time, kids, there was a band called The Beatles...

Photos of great rappers in history. [link]

How to deal with Twitter bullies. [link]

Stock photography to use to see if anyone is paying attention. [link]


Free movie soundtracks. [link]

Dynamic topographic map projected on a sandbox.

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