Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Links: March 20

The spring equinox is today at 6:45 PM EDT. That's when the Sun passes over the Equator.

Game: Suspense II - solve puzzles by shifting back and forth in time. [link]

Short story: A Funeral on Mars. [link]

Comic book characters discuss serious issues. [link]

Baby bats in blankets. [link]

cartoon: I got a phone call from my college rapist. [link]

You've heard about the really deep hole the Soviets dug. Maybe in conjunction with talk about voices heard deep in the well. Here's the real story. [link]

A Return of the Jedi alien spoke Kikuyu, a Kenyan language. [link]

People can learn to control their iris so they can focus better underwater. [link]

A book about the possibility of becoming Batman. [link]

Using sound waves to make things fly.

100 year old notebook found in Antarctic ice. [link]

The case for asteroid mining. [link]

Using gravitational lensing to see supernova reruns. [link]

Herpes is more common than you may think. [link]

Maggie Thatcher's government was covering up a pedophile ring. [link]

Finishing Minecraft in under 12 minutes.

Among the things brought to the New World by Columbus... earthworms. [link]

WellDeserved: A Marketplace for Privilege.

Wait, is that sarcasm?

Nifty stone walls. [link]

The phrase "climate change" banned from official use in Florida. [link]

Your fridge may be spamming you. [link]

A man who shipped himself from London to Sidney. [link]

12 highlights from the Ferguson report. [link]

February's CO2 levels match those of 23 million years ago. [link]

What various states are doing price checks on. [link]

Robert Downey Jr helps deliver a prosthetic arm to a kid.

The crates even say Stark Industries on them.

The first pictures from a new island. [link]

Icebergs washing up in New England. [link]

Lava devouring Coke cans. [link]
Be sure to watch the Lava devouring a Monster Energy Drink video that follows.

Cattle rustling. [link]

Powdered. Alcohol. I can't see how this plan could possibly go wrong. [link]

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