Thursday, April 02, 2015

Friday Links: April 3

An amazingly detailed papercraft Millenium Falcon. [link]
No plans available. Sorry.

How Moonquakes differ from Earthquakes. [link]

The history of the MGM lion. [link]

Christian pulls the Black Like Me trick but "turns gay" for a year in a Christian community. [link]
And then has to leave the area for lying to both his church community and the gay community.

Online April Fools joke list. [link]

How did they miss's annual product punking? [link]

Half Life 2 set to Cotton Eyed Joe.

Was one of the guys with a head crab dancing?

Game: GoogleFeud - Family Feud with Google results. [link]

Movie cliches. [link]

Thomas Edison's list of questions shows that he wouldn't hire you. [link]

A realistic super villain plot. [link]

Pornographic cyrillic alphabet book to fight Soviet illiteracy. [link]
Really? You needed me to say "NSFW"? I already said "pornographic".

Tortoise chases off camera men who interrupt it's mating.

Apparently American politicians blow cold air, not hot, and it makes a difference. [link]

What happens if a nuke goes off over New York City? [link]

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