Monday, August 25, 2014

Scar Makeup

It's October 31 and you've just been invited to a Halloween party. Unfortunately, the closest thing you have to a costume is your Batman T-shirt. I have a quick fix for you. Find a local stage makeup store and get a bottle of Mehron Rigid Collodion.
The bottle I saw online was different. This is the same stuff, though.
What you do with this stuff depends on how you want the scar to look. I wanted a simple slash down the face that looks like it happened many years ago. OK, I wanted to try it without getting into coloring and stuff. Same thing. What you see in the picture below is six layers of Rigid Collodion.

The stuff dries pretty fast, so it won't take long to get this done.
The first layer doesn't make much impact, but you can feel your skin is kinda stiff and moves differently than it did. And there's a shiny line running down your face.
The second layer, once dry, leaves a dent running down your face.
The third layer starts to look like a gouge. Layers 4-6 make it deeper.
I added layers 7-9 to the bottom of the scar after I took this picture and it make it a touch deeper. I was working from the top down so I had a full brush at the top and less full at the bottom. So there was some touching up to do.

Right there, you have a Halloween costume that took 10-15 min to do. If you want to make it more involved you could add makeup a few shades paler than your skin to lighten it up for an older scar. Or some red to make it look fresh.
If you put it on before you put the scar makeup on then the makeup will be protected and may look more real. Put some powder on it to take off the shine.

I saw some video where someone put on about thirty layers. I'm not sure their scar was much better than mine. Can't find it now, of course.

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