Friday, August 01, 2014

Friday Links: August 1

Pinky and The Brain return for their most hilarious bit ever. [link]
If you click no other links, you need to click this one. 

Congress less popular than Jar Jar Binks. [link]

Ebola infected person was busted out of hospital and went on the run. [link]

She was found and died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. [link]

Virginia's teeth are so bad that health care expansion will mean literally buckets of pulled teeth. [link]

How the NSA defines terms. [link]

"Do you think I asked for a 12 inch pianist?" - The rest of the story. [link]

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 according to Russia. [link]

Verizon accidentally admits to throttling NetFlix. [link]

"I Accidentally Started a Hoax." [link]

Mary Poppins quits. [link]

Some science fiction for women. [link]

Where's that one character that everyone seems to have, but me? [link]

The first video game song to win a Grammy. [link]

Is that air raid siren a hemi? [link]
Yes. Yes, it is. 

How to make spiders even creepier. [link]

The 32 things you need to know from San Diego Comic Con. [link]

I've wondered if this would work. You've wondered if this would work. Somebody did it. [link]

I SO need a Vader stove. [link]

The cat uprising is coming. [link]

So that's how they milk an almond. [link]

When to buy generic. [link]

Pictures if all the ice on Earth melted. [link]
Edinburgh Castle should be awesome.

Walmart's ice cream sandwich won't melt.

8 century old how-to books that are still useful. [link]

Cocoa bean farmer tastes chocolate for the first time.

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