Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Links: August 22

George Takei talking about his time in an Internment Camp. [link]

How the sun sees you.

Outbreak tracker. [link]

Self assembling robot swarms.

The Wright Brothers (and sister) and some of their later models. [link]

Computer maps a model's face and projects onto it even as she moves. [link]

Bird deaths due to solar tower being investigated. []
Yes, this is the solar tower featured in Fallout: New Vegas.

Viking ship found by Mississippi River. [link]
Declared winners of 990 Hide and Seek Championship.

What happens when cops wear cameras. [link]

Don Pardo, the Saturday Night Live announcer passed away Monday at age 96. [link]

Where Americans have moved, if they move, in the last century. [link
Starting removal of the John Hancock Building's west antenna. Just a bit of vertigo for you.

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