Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Links: August 29

Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch before Saturday Night Live.

Mashup of the songs Sunrise and Get Lucky. [link]

One or two Dune art themed Tumblrs I could understand, but there's enough to have a top 10 list? [link]

Braille sprung from an attempt to make a method for letting soldiers read in the dark. [link]

In Vietnam, the Ace of Spades was a psychological weapon. [link]

Winners and honorary mentions of the 2014 Bulwer Lytton horrible writing awards. [link]

The first Air Force One.

I wanna see this weapon fired. [link]

The real meaning of the pot calling the kettle black. [link]

Returning Star Wars to it's original version - A fan project.

A man talking about being shoved through the bottom of a river. [link]

Statements by Nick Offerman.

New games for the old Commodore 64. [link]

What airlines owe you when they strand you or your luggage. [link]

Koko the gorilla mourns the passing of Robin Williams. [link]

The only Pro-choice argument you'll ever need. [link]

ISIS slaughters Zoroastrians because one of them refused demands to convert to Islam. [link]

There's a great solar eclipse coming in 2017. [link]

Having the sex talk with a 9 year old. [link]

Seaworld's most rewarding and traumatic job. [link]

Norman Rockwell's reference photos. [link]

Bank of America's many court settlements and why I closed all my credit cards with them. [link]

Baby elephant learning to stand.

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