Friday, August 08, 2014

Friday Links: August 8

All Most Marvel Studios movie Easter Eggs pre-Guardians.

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Native Americans bred corn to the form we know today. [link]

Peanut butter turned into diamonds as tech development to make metallic hydrogen continues. [link]

If you don't have a steamer trunk for your spare blankets, try a 55 gallon drum of Chanel. [link]

The first honest resume of a graphic designer. [link]

Frozen mummy is found to have relatives alive today. [link]

After the fraud that led to the Great Depression the Glass-Steagall law stopped that. It's repeal was key in the more recent Great Recession. [link]

An acre is the amount of land it takes a yoke of oxen to plow in one day. [link]

New wireless electricity tech uses sound instead of induction. [link]

Close up (only 130 km away) pictures of a comet. [link]

Video of sharks attacking the probe. [link]

A woman accused of animal cruelty was eaten by her dogs after she died. [link]

Help Grandpa remember about his photos. [link]

Play with a Koosh Ball brain. [link]

Playing a trombone for cows.