Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Links: December 13

Bee deaths are being blamed on the pesticide ingredient neonicotinoids. It's the only theory I'm hearing these days so I guess they've finally settled on just one thing. Here's a list of pesticides that use neonicotinoids. [link]

Oldest globe in the world. [link]

Good guy Satanists show jack ass Christians the error of their ways. [link]

Toddler that kicks ass at basketball. [link]

20 things the rich do every day. [link]
Written by someone who doesn't understand what "poor" means.

20 things the poor do every day. [link]
Written by someone who does.

The last VW Type 2 Microbuses are being built. [link]

The Fallout 4 website was a hoax. But Fallout 4 IS under development. They're looking for voice actors. [link]

The US sold off the last of its GM stock this week. They took a loss on the stock, but came out ahead economically. [link]

Tell this site what Lego sets you have and it'll tell you what else you can build. [link]

Lost Egyptian city found underwater. [link]

Radiolab Live. It's two hours and I haven't watched it, but I'm sure it's worth it. I'll watch it soon.

Another option for using your Dougmas Jars. GiveDirectly to a family in Kenya and Uganda. [link]

Depressing holidays. [link]

Massive Finnish nuclear waste disposal site. [link]

This year marked the smallest increase in medical costs in more than a decade. But hospital costs are still exorbitant. [link]

Could you pass a citizenship test? [link]

The Blues Brothers mall chase scene done with Legos.

And then check out their channel.

Video of the Moon orbiting the Earth.

If different wavelengths of light are affected differently by fluctuations in space/time then the Big Bang may not have happened. [link]
What do you mean IF?! I've been operating under that assumption for decades!

The viability of sex as exercise. [link]

Why is it harder to come out as an atheist politician than as a gay one? [link]

Brooke Shields got her old car back. [link]

10 frame animated photos. [link]

Cats really are ignoring you. [link]

Stolen cobalt-60 recovered. [link]

20,000 people applied for 400 Ikea jobs. Spain has an unemployment problem. [link]

There's a bit more than just the sounds of fingers on a table.

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