Friday, December 06, 2013

Friday Links: December 6

Han Solo's blaster going up for auction. [link]

Modern vintage movie art. [link]

A chem lab Christmas. [link]

Mangafication of "classic" movies. [link]

Video of an avalanche hitting a warehouse. [link]

The degradation of quality of a copy of a copy of a copy holds through YouTube just as it did on a VCR.

Eagle steals camera.

High school demonstration of Einstein's gravitational space warping model.

Weak password for nuclear silos.

How to be a feminist according to stock photography. [link]

A recent history of US/Iraq relations and what's in the nuclear deal. [link]

RIP Scott Adams' father. Scott wants everyone who denied his father a peaceful death to die horribly and slowly. [link]

I'm unsure how this works, but it's impressive log splitting.

Animals WERE harmed during the making of these movies. [link]

Efforts to get a chimp legally recognized as a person. [link]

8 basic life saving skill everyone should know. [link]
Really? "You appear to be having a heart attack. Have some aspirin!"

Planet Money makes a T-shirt and shows you the whole process from growing to delivery. [link]

A quick summary of what's possible and happening with 3D printing.

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