Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Because SCIENCE! That's why!

We've all heard about these people. The ones who don't think there's any value in a space program. "There's plenty of people on Earth that need that money, etc. etc. etc." And I've heard a lot of other  people say that the first people are urban legends. Who could doubt the value of NASA? I've talked to several of these people who don't see the value of space travel. Heck, at my last job the owner of the company didn't even understand the value of the IT department (yes, really). 

With that preamble, I want to present this screen capture of a conversation that I stole from somewhere else. It covers a bunch of things that my own talk leaves out because I can't remember stats worth a damn

And here's Neil deGrasse Tyson putting the spending that NASA does get into perspective. 

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wstachour said...

That's excellent! Must steal.