Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Links: October 12

An interview about the use of navies as a basis for science fiction space stories. [link]

This election will likely determine interrogation methods in the near future. [link]

Earth's Mightiest Pugs.
...all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll whisper "no" bark my fool head off.

Iron Old Man [link]

Spider attack on a wasp caught in amber. [link]

There was a plan for Jurassic Park 4 that died the death it deserved. [link]
Although I can totally see the Syfy Channel making it into a series.

Another sci-fi inspired propulsion system that can get us to Mars in only 6 weeks. [link]
Yeah, I remember the magnetic constriction plasma drive that was developed 12 years ago or so. It could make the trip that fast, too. And whatever happened to ion drives? Two or three probes and done?

The most interesting man in the world survived a whole episode of Star Trek while wearing a red shirt. [link]

The hunt for Dyson Spheres is on. [link]
"It's strange to write a serious research proposal and have half of your bibliography be science fiction."

Asteroid mining (paid) interns wanted. [link]
I am, alas, too old.

I gotta get a copy of the Oct 3 Entertainment Weekly so I can strip it for it's circuitry. [link]

Maine GOP attacks candidate for playing World of Warcraft. [link]

A hotel offers sleep painting. [link]

Dwarfism may prevent cancer and diabetes. [link]

Endangered water walking, fish eating spiders being released back into the wild. [link]

Scout denied Eagle Scout award because he's gay. [link]
Ironically, the project that should have earned him the award is a tolerance wall.

I'm going to remind readers of the site It's for Eagle Scouts who are returning their badges because they're ashamed of what Boy Scouts have become.

tl;dr - who invented fire? [link]

Abortion rates drop when free birth control is available. [link]

Blinky amateur satellite. [link]

Space X drone docks with the ISS. [link]

How cork is made. [link]

Different species of ant make different kinds of home. [link]

The shifting of value between quantifiable and non-quantifiable states. [link]
I made that sound drier than it really is.

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