Friday, October 05, 2012

Friday Links: October 5

Tilt shift Van Gogh. [link]

United States history according to conservatives. [link]

Curiosity rover finds old stream bed. [link] [link 2]

A 2,700 year old stash of weed. [link]

The only two Jews in Kabul, Afghanistan hate each other. [link]

Similarly, the last two fluent speakers of a dying language won't talk to each other. [link]

Free material for teacher created by teachers. [link]

A free font designed for dyslexics. [link]

It's been 30 years since Cheers first aired. Here's an interview with the cast and crew. [link]

Animals used in wars. [link]

This election season isn't nearly as nasty as the ones shown in these examples. [link]

New comet found. It's gonna be REALLY bright next year. [link]

The Private Equity Rich vs Obama. [link]

Put a yellow bow on a dog leash to let people know to give that dog some space. [link]

Skydiver to go for the highest skydiver record and to break sound barrier while falling. [link]

Todd Akin's numbers are slowly recovering as he convinces people that "legitimate rape" and "women can't get pregnant from rape" are just him misspeaking. Here's more of his speeches that should convince you otherwise. [link]

22 things you're doing "wrong". [link]

And you think water screws up electronics now. Just you wait. [link]

CNN poll indicates a shift in how people view the role of government. [link]

Millionaires collecting unemployment. [link]

In the Presidential debate Romney talked about cutting funding to PBS to help balance the budget. This is what Neil DeGrasse Tyson had to say. [link]
Here's Big Bird's response. [link]

A Star Wars vs Star Trek video that actually looks good.

Gee, AT&T and Time Warner, if you want the deals like Google gets then you need to innovate like Google does. [link]

Could your lights be used for wireless transmitters? [link]

Ben Affleck was offered the role of Daredevil for the reboot. "[If I were involved] that wouldn't be a reboot." [link]

Commander Jeffrey Sinclair of Babylon 5 passed away last week. [link]

Stan Lee now has a pacemaker. [link]

Gangnam Style with natural sounds.

Klingon Style.

Marching Gangnam Style

License plate reading cameras. [link]

This is how you do stained glass. [link]

How to mess with people with OCD. [link]

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