Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Links: October 19

Alpha Centauri has a planet! [link]

About time they got this green street built. It was planned years ago. [link]

I'd been talking to my Boeing engineer uncle about the feasibility of taking apart a C-17 and putting in a field near the family farm. I mean back when I saw one available on eBay. I was going to make it a house. This guy did it with a smaller plane. [link]

Brain damage making people into savants and how to reproduce the effect. [link]

Edison, Tesla, Ford, and, like it or not, Jobs. [link]

Salt art that requires a lot of work. [link]

Read about the drawings. It makes them a lot more interesting. [link]

10 things learned from running for office. [link]

The typewritten letter about Tom Hanks being bribed with a typewriter was real. Here's a bit more on the story. [link]

25 shows that accomplished interesting things. [link]

The worst sound in the world. [link]

A brief history of household wiring. [link]

Posters for 6 women in science. [link]

An explanation of Romney's tax plan. [link]

Paul Revere did not say "The Redcoats are coming." Due to the large number of people loyal to England who might overhear, he said "The Regulars are coming out!" [link]

The oldest cat ever was 38 years old. [link]

The Bunny Kitty Suicides.

Wolverine and Psy doing the Gangnam dance with claws.

Team Fortress Style.

Imagine if this off road vehicle prototype from the 50's had been accepted. What would they look like now?

The start of jack o lantern season. [link]

The new S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series won't have any of the character from The Avengers and related movies. None but Agent Coulson! [link]

Lego Batcave. [link]

A planet with the power to really screw up the economy if we were to visit it. [link]

Something we're glad we didn't find on the beach. [link]

NBC has changed their mind about their reboot of The Munsters. But since the pilot cost $10 million they're still going to air it as a Halloween special. [link]

Horror movies available on YouTube. [link]

How to make a 9 layer fluid density tower.

Acoustic barcodes. [link]

Strange graves. [link]

How to piss off your cat. [link]

The political leaning of states over the years. [link]

Handheld 3D scanner.

Endeavor drives through LA. [link]
I know that the space program is moving in new areas, but it still feels like a funeral procession. The greatest and most moving funeral procession ever.

Bacteria cultured from cash. [link]

DNA has a half life of 521 years. [link]

And a bigot-level Christian that pretended to be gay for a year. [link]

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GreenCanary said...

That Team Fortress Gangnam style video just made me pee my pants.