Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Links: October 26

Google engineer Jeff Dean has earned his own Chuck Norris style list. [link]

A cloud of water vapor that holds 140 trillion times the water on Earth has been found around a black hole 10 billion light years away. [link]

The original Coke recipe? [link]

Old paintings with the people removed. [link]

Other uses for tampons. [link]

A long list of life hacks (some of which you've seen here before). [link]

The problems with stealing paintings for profit. [link]

Pictures of Google data centers. [link]

Just read the part under "I always thought Garamond sounded like a weapon name." [link]

Pics of young Mitt Romney being a jackass. [link]

Chuck Yeager reenacts his historic flight. [link]
Honestly, it's a better headline than story.

It's a thoroughly told story, but once again, the death of Bin Laden. [link]

$50,000 to the person who brings the FTC the (figurative) heads of the robocallers! [link]

A whale trying to speak. [link]

The Taliban wants the media to cover the up side of shooting teenage girls. [link]

Modern chain mail. [link]

For your next party with the dwarves. [link]

David Lo Pan Style.

I may need this stand for my next TV. [link]
But where does the Playstation fit?

Infusions of young blood may actually help old folks health in many areas. [link]

More realistic versions of cereal box characters. [link]

Gangnam Busters.

Behind the scenes on horror movies. [link]

I don't mind catching fire. I just don't want my sunscreen to feel greasy. [link]

10 HP pram.

A bigot speaks in Missouri... oops, maybe not.

Tattoos that started as paintings. [link]

"It makes Republicans look like knee-dragging, still-tending, tobacco-spitting Neanderthals,"[link]

American and what they know about foreign policy. [link]

If I spent much time at the lake I might need one of these.

About a solitary cell. [link]

OK. It's late and I'm done.

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