Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Links: April 27

The DOJ's case against Apple and publishers to fix e-book prices. [link]

Texts from Dog. [link]

Nightmare fodder: a big ass spider eating a big ass snake. [link]

Wind turbine blimp-type thing.

The original Leisure Suit Larry is being remade and modernized with 100% Sierra Games veterans. It's not gonna suck like the last few did.

Which state is the most horrible... politically that is. [link]

"Hot Problems (Hot Girls Have Problems Too)" is the sort of song I'd have expected to hear on Doctor Demento once upon a time. Only then I'd have thought it was written by some professional humor musician and performed by teenaged girls. It's not going to get radio play. I'm not going to stick it in my music collection. But it deserves a listen if only because these two have the drive to make the song and video instead of just talking about it. Someday that drive is going to take them somewhere.

Or maybe I'm being generous and teenaged girls are as persistent and hard to kill as Conan the Bacterium. [link]

Trailer for "I Know That Voice", a documentary about voice actors.

Monsters in cheap paintings. [link]

Penguins: They're just telling Newt what we're all thinking. [link]

Monet could see into the ultraviolet. [link]

Tennis shoes at sea. No, not the Nikes from the famous capsized ship. Other shoes. [link]

If you managed to get those shoes off the sea floor you can send the shoes to Nike for recycling. [link]

A map of massage parlors that do happy endings. [link]

Highlights of two days of a cat attacking it's automatic food dispenser.

Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes. Understanding may take longer. [link]

It's like "300", but there's only 21 of them and they're sikhs. [link]

36 kinds of Pong. [link]

Super cooled liquid helium is some freaky stuff.

Wanna be an asteroid miner? Fill out an application. [link]

They'll even bring the asteroid to you. [link]

A map that tells you about the makeup of a neighborhood. [link]

Lamar billboard company has been poisoning trees. [link]

A can design that could make Pringles work. [link]

Matchbook art. [link]

Chalkboard art from a coffee shop in Illinois. [link]

A study of the cause of brain freeze. [link]

Game: Super Mario Summary - each level abbreviated to one screen. [link]

If Nick Park (the Wallace and Grommit guy) did a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. [link]
Much better than what Michael Bay has planned.

Why is the word "ye" used instead of "the" in old British stuff.

An attempt to build a working version of the machine from the Animusic video "Pipe Dream".

The original. [link]

Sonic screwdriver - mark I. It's sonic and it screws. [link]

Everybody needs to stop using this picture in movie posters. [link]

What kind of fucked up test question is this? [link]

This would be a much more acceptable dance for a Star Wars video game.

An interesting fish tank. [link]

Alternate Dalek designs. [link]

Pictures of things exploding with a fast camera. [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

Waffle furniture. [link]

I haven't listened to this, but I'm assured that I should. [link]

Obituary for facts. [link]

An essay on the Voyager probes from someone who has been there since the beginning. [link]

10 documentary types that need to go away. [link]

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