Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Links: April 20

Computer issues have resulted in a lot fewer links this week. Sorry.

Many of the greatest breakthroughs in recent medical history are due to one woman who has what appear to be immortal cells. [link]

You've heard of people smoking banana peels, right? This is why. [link]

A brief history of heroin as medication. [link]

Plastic eating fungus. [link]
Now, just to freak you out a bit, imagine if this fungus,  or a hardy relative of it, got out in the rest of the world. Imagine this stuff getting into our household wiring and go from there.

Just because he's David Tennant.

Tennant again, recording the voice of Charles Darwin for the upcoming "The Pirates!" movie.

The source code for the Apple ][ version of Prince of Persia has been released for download. [link]

A kitten watching the Pixar short "For the Birds".

The guards are no match for the hero.

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