Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Links: April 13

An article about divers for nuclear reactors. [link]

Recommendations of quality textbooks on various subjects. They're also looking for suggestions. [link]

An article about "Adventure Game Studio" a programming language for designing adventure games. [link]
Download the software. [link]

51% of internet traffic is non-human. [link]

Errors and fallacies of logical thinking. [link]

Game: The Dark Room - sort of like a Choose Your Own Adventure game but with some head yelling at you. [link]

Yep, it really was an extra warm March. [link]

How to avoid bad children's books. [link]

Using Python to build a squirrel shooting auto-turret.

"Titanic" in SUPER 3D!

PAC-MAC: The Fan Film

Matt Groening talks about how he created The Simpsons and where Springfield is located in his mind. [link]

"Skate 3" has some issues with it's physics and clipping.

Bobcat Goldthwait is not dead. And he recently did an AMA on Reddit. [link]

In 1968 an American gold medal winner raised his fist in a Black Power salute when he was receiving his medal. This article talks about that event and how the guy feels about it today. [link]

Woman Picking Fruit in stock photo endorses Al Franken. [link]

After hearing many complaints about the John Derbyshire article I had to hunt it down. Yep. The man is definitely racist. The problem is, if this were published in The Onion instead of a serious magazine, this would be considered satire. [link]

Looking for strong female characters in literature for your kids? Check this list. [link]

Kickstarter allows people to help fund startups, but not invest in startups. Investments by small timers like you and I is illegal. Or, it was. This bill changed that. [link]

Excellent pictorial guide to how this guy made a pipe. [link]

How to make a proper Frito Pie. [link]

You'll want to watch the first 10 seconds of this video. The rest has some good bike stunt work, but the first 10 seconds is the best. [link]

How to whistle with your fingers. [link]

As the ice melts separate arctic species are meeting and merging. [link]

Do not listen to while operating heavy machinery. [article] [song]

A brief history of subversive video remixes. [link]

I wrote a post that I hope to take live next week, but I sent it off for an expert to review. I dropped what I wrote into a writing analysis program called I Write Like. It claims I write like Isaac Asimov.
The bit I wrote about the Baltimore food desert is apparently more like Stephen King.
The Science Friday post? Arthur C Clarke.


phynngrrl said...

Doug, have you considered using Pinterest to visually catalog your guerilla gardening and to share ideas with others interested in the same stuff?

Ibid said...

I believe Yummy has an account. I don't think she's been posting her own content, though.