Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Review: HANNA

We saw "HANNA" this weekend. I probably don't need to capitalize Hanna, but that's how I've always seen it.

Erik (Eric Bana) is a rogue CIA operative living near the Arctic Circle with a girl named Hanna (a very bleached Saoirse Ronan). Oh, it's not like that. Erik had recruited her mother for a project to breed super fast and strong warriors. When they closed the project and eliminated the test subjects Erik took Hanna and the mother and ran. The mother didn't make it. They've been living in a remote wilderness while he trained the girl to fight and hide and defend herself. Fighting, killing, skinning, languages, the girl learns it all. All but music, electricity, how to deal with people.

But Hanna is grown up now. It's time to go back out in the world. But first they have to take out the parts of the CIA that would want her either unwillingly recruited or dead. So they let the CIA catch her and throw her in a cell. She then has to escape and try to make it from wherever the prison is to meet up with Erik.

So the movie nicely blends action sequences with a Hit-Girl type (but with some hesitance to kill) with her discovery of modern culture and technology.

You may also want to see it for the camera work. They had lots of fun using a variety of camera angles and movements that show a certain creativity. This wasn't just "point the camera at the action and roll" movie. They worked on making it visually interesting.

I'm not sure if I'll get it on DVD, but Yummy almost certainly will.

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