Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday Links: April 8

I wear a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool. [link]

Green Lantern footage.

BBC has ordered three more episodes of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

An article about who really wrote the books of the Bible. Really, it's more of a teaser for the book the guy is selling. Still a good article. [link]

EX-TREEEEEEEME dog grooming. [link]

"Do Not Touch the Frog" - Entertaining speaker at the World Science Festival talks about their search for poisonous frogs. [link]

Creepy doll for sale. [link]

Old man sails the Atlantic on a raft. [link]

Genuine angry bird. [link]

Commodore 64 - it's back. Preordering available. [link]
I'm tearing up just a bit.

This motivational poster says everything that needs to be said. [link]

The Claw of Archimedes - a brief description of a device used to defend coastal cities from a Roman siege. [link]

Interesting use of a small space. I've seen some of this in the tiny places allowed for Solar Decathlons. Watch the video to understand how it works. [link]

A longish story about the youngest arms dealers ever and their fall. [link]

Lex Luthor stole 40 cakes. And now it's canon. [link]

Why cats aren't doctors. [link]

It's been awhile since I've had a good vaccination link. Mostly because I've been neglecting my usual blog roll for several weeks. But because of people not vaccinating their kids we've recently had:
Whooping cough outbreak in Virginia [link]
Measles outbreak in Minnesota [link]
One (so far) case of measles in Texas [link]

A map of Earth's gravity. [link]

Slightly old news. An amendment declaring the reality of climate change was voted down along party lines. Same with another amendment saying that it's human caused. These followed a bill that would overturn scientific findings that pollution is harmful to the planet and people. This video is of snarky comments by a Representative Markey about that bill.

Old but always entertaining.

Another child rapist priest. Not sometime between the 50's and 90's either. [link]

I'm not a regular watcher, but this was a good episode of The Athiest Experience. The atheist hosts have a long talk with creationist Ray Comfort. And I want to give Ray lots of credit for having a largely honest conversation. So many of these talks have the evangelist yelling and talking crap. He still comes away without an honest understanding of the words "evidence" or "preconception", but it's a good talk and goes a long way toward understanding his thinking on many issues.

If you work for the TSA you can fire a coworker by complaining about their religion. [link]

Definitions of a bunch of proverbs. [link]

Breeding Muppets to make Angry Birds. [link]

A museum is picking up shop classes where the schools have dropped them. [link]

More of the malaria stopping web trees mentioned last week. [link]

A good guide on how to be creative. [link]

Trailer for the new cartoon from Stan Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger "The Governator". [link]

You're making beans wrong (and other cooking videos). [link]
HOURS?! I think frozen pizza takes too long.

Worst jobs in history chart. [link]

8 sci-fi technologies that we've outpaced. [link]
They're missing the point on the treadmill. The spinning was for artificial gravity. It's why I'm still pissed that the ISS isn't round.

WETA is a digital, makeup, and prop effects company. But they also made a double amputee into a functional mermaid. [link]

I love Richard Branson. He's a billionaire who knows how to have fun with his money. He's got his own music label, airline, SPACE PORT!!!, is one of the great adventurers of our day, keeps getting himself cameos in movies, and now he's had a one person sub built that's capable of exploring the Mariana Trench. We've been to the moon more times than we've sent people to the bottom of the Mariana Trench and it's been just about as long since we've done so. [link]

A video about some new image recognition and tracking software.

A high school with an atheist club that isn't under constant attack. [link]

Bald Eagle cam. And Yummy laughed at me for wanting to set up a dove cam for the ones building a nest by her fire escape. [link]

April fools from across the internet.
Dog furniture from Ikea.

Motion sensitive Gmail. [link]

Harry Potter inspired TV show. Why is "The Governator" being made and not this?

ThinkGeek's always awesome April Fools site. [link]

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