Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Links: April 15

Good news, kids. Taxes aren't due until Monday.

Invisible (i.e. scotch) tape defeats frosted glass.

How they filmed the rotating hallway scene in "Inception".

8 movies directed by people you'd never expect. [link]

Peeling an orange with paint.

These five videos were made for commercials showing their interest in preserving five different areas.

Picture: Dear Diet Coke. [link]

Game: Pigs Can Fly. Manipulate a series of things individually so when they work together the pig can get to the flying potion. [link]

Game: Sneak Thief 3 - a point and click game. [link]

Game: Clockwork Monster - It doesn't work like a normal game. Things don't act like you'd expect. Nor should you. You're likely to accuse it of cheating. The walkthrough is almost certainly a must. [link]

Working camera made (mostly) of Legos. [link]

A great speech opposing the end of civil unions in Iowa. 3 minutes.

A video about how hard it is to derail a train in WWII. [link]

Fighting an anaconda underwater.

New skyscraper planned in Saudi Arabia. Planned to be 5280ft tall, it's much bigger than the planned reconstruction of the Tower of Babel in Kentucky. [link]

Took me a minute to figure out what was happening with this camera. [link]

In video games a pirate trap is a way to get software thieves to give themselves away. This could be the most effective one ever. [link]

Tuesday was the 50th anniversary of the first manned orbit of the Earth by Yuri Gagarin. To commemorate the event the film "First Orbit" was released. It combines a recording of Yuri's transmission with film taken from the ISS at the same place above the Earth at the same time of day and some news broadcasts talking about the event. You can watch or download the film for free. [link]

Every one dies... in video games.

Game: Big Evil Robots - you're a kid with a slingshot. They're giant robots with a weak spot. Hit the weak spot. [link]

The inventor of the digital camera shows off his first camera and how they stored the image back in 1975. 3 minutes [link]

Inflatable crowds for movie sets. [link]

Arizona passes racist, sexist abortion ban. [link]

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YoYoasia said...

wow...the tape defeats the frosted glass! how did u find that out? cool. think i'll give it a go.

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