Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday Links: April 1

Metal seagulls.

Dr Who season 6 prequel clip.

101 Pringles flavors and I just want my store to carry Original. [link]

Music video that fascinates me.

Some scam artist who is an artist gets busted for selling other people's works as his own. [link]

Trees full of webbing could cut the incidence of malaria significantly. [link]

Peanuts cartoons are rather depressing with the last panel removed. [link]

Math genius child has a question. [link]

Live police radio put to ambient music. [link]
Is it just me or is rap getting lazier?

Walmart is dicks to women. [link]

Employee morale sucks. [link]

Superglue... not creator so much as person who first viewed it as glue... well, he died. [link]

Archaeologists in Texas find evidence of people predating earliest established residents. [link]

Once again I missed Earth Hour. At least in previous years I heard about it beforehand. [link]

The presidential traveling top secret tent. [link]

Charlie Chaplin was once kidnapped and held for ransom. It had less impact than they'd hoped because he was already dead at the time. [link]

Trials for creatures. [link]
Did I post that already? I'd swear I did, but can't find it.

This apartment with a slide is nice... [link]

...but I prefer the one in the pirate bedroom. [link]

The Messenger probe has reached Mercury and is sending back pics. [link]

Judge lodges his boot in the ass of the Wisconsin Governor and his fellow GOP asshats. The ban on collective bargaining is illegal. [link]
What? Me biased?

Image: Dr Who vs Dr Doom. [link]

New Smithsonian ads. [link]

Marvel is building up to an Avengers movie. DC now thinks they can do the same. A tip for the executives: quit. Not the project, your jobs. Quit. Or turn it over to someone and leave that person alone. Because you guys are bad at making superhero movies, particularly Superman or Wonder Woman movies. [link]

Major problem at the light saber factory.

Cool-Looking Accident In Steel Factory - Watch more Funny Videos

I am unfamiliar with the meme, but I'd play the game.

I like this car. All except for what happens if I rear end someone. [link]

A doctor that ran his practice with a laptop, an internet connection, and a car. [link]

A free music site I need to explore more. [link]

picture: Wanted - Koolaid Man [link]
Yeah, done, but still amusing.

Free CAD software. [link]
I used to develop CAD and CNC curriculum for middle and high school so this may only have interest to me.

Functional artificial leaves. [link]

Farmville gets a visit by The Doctor. [link]

He also showed up in Fallout. [link]

Oooh, not a single Belgian Catholic Church didn't have pedophile priests. [link]

Not that it sits solely on Catholics. [link]
That's right, by being raped the boys have brought shame on the community, not the rapist.

The US Army sabotaged an atheist concert scheduled for tomorrow after supporting and helping to pay for an evangelical christian concert. [link]

And I close with a quote about the disaster in Japan -
"Either God can do nothing to stop catastrophes like this, or he doesn’t care to, or he doesn’t exist. God is either impotent, evil, or imaginary. Take your pick, and choose wisely.
"The only sense to make of tragedies like this is that terrible things can happen to perfectly innocent people. This understanding inspires compassion.
"Religious faith, on the other hand, erodes compassion. Thoughts like, “this might be all part of God’s plan,” or “there are no accidents in life,” or “everyone on some level gets what he or she deserves” – these ideas are not only stupid, they are extraordinarily callous. They are nothing more than a childish refusal to connect with the suffering of other human beings. It is time to grow up and let our hearts break at moments like this.
—Sam Harris

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