Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Links: April 29

Little Thor

Tornado footage at Lambert Airport.

A prophetic 1989 speech by Bill Watterson. [link]

A guy passed away with a comic book collection worth over $1,000,000. [link]
Hopefully my retirement fund doesn't involve relying on my comic book collection.

The last typewriter factor in the world closes. [link]

Radiation experiments on seeds. [link]

Biggest boarding pass ever. [link]

Sirs Patrick Stewart and Terry Pratchett come out in favor of assisted suicide. [link]

A fake trailer for a Batman movie that explores the psychosis of Bruce Wayne.

Great Dr Who ratings in the US are still 1/5 of a ratings slump in England. [link]

500 year old body found in near mint condition is going on tour. [link]

Interactive plush Portal turret created. [link]

Declassified experimental aircraft. [link]

Goodbye sparkplugs. [link]

The downside of having a fully automated store is that you have to tell it when the store it supposed to be closed or this happens. [link]

How to make bread that looks like pandas. [link]

What is comedy?

What is comedy: The article [link]

Along those lines, I recommend the book "Road to Mars" by Eric Idle. The robot character is looking for a cure for humor and is used to channel Idle's analysis of humor.

Infographics about health care in America. (or Why Your Stitches Cost $1,500) [link]

An interesting article about flogging vs prison. Would you rather have 5 years in prison or 10 lashes? [link]

Roger Ebert, after 107 tries, has won the New Yorker cartoon caption contest. [link]

A camper that can be pulled by grannie's motorized scooter. [link]

Some rather impressive columns. [link]

18 layers of Chinese hell. [link]

I've seen some of this person's work before. Their liquid lights are pretty neat. [link]

I might have to get this book. [link]

Well, yeah. This needs to be explained? [link]

Short excerpt from a film about an elderly female judo instructor.

A bit more about Google's self driving cars. [link]

Puppy cam. [link]

Non-bullshit fables. [link]

Make your phone ring so you can find it. [link]

Game: Vampire Physics - drop the vampires to turn everyone into vampires. [link]

More about the passing of Elisabeth Sladen
David Tennant

Russell T Davies[link]

Tom Baker [link]

More quotes from friends and coworkers. [link]

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