Thursday, January 27, 2011

I called "Uncle!"

I fought it as long as I could.
I did.
This was a road that I did. not. want. to go down.
They're nifty and convenient, but expensive as hell.

I refer, of course, to my new cellphone.

My land line costs me $15/month and long distance calls are $0.10/minute. The people at the phone company hate me for that. They can't comprehend how anyone would want a phone without caller ID, call waiting, voice mail, and a host of other packages. Last time I set up a new phone I thought I could hear the smoke boiling from the ears of the person on the other end of the phone as she tried to come to terms with the concept.

Early mobile phone cost something more like $0.25/minute. People kept telling me the price was coming down, but every time I checked they were still something I deemed absurd.

Then came the smart phones. It's a pocket computer. It's more computing power than the whole of NASA had to land a rocket on the moon. And I have to worry about sitting on it or dropping it in the toilet.

Everything finally came to a head recently. My weekly drive to Frederick (1.5 hours one way) which will become 3-5 days a week some day, the drive to visit Yummy in Baltimore, topped with the fact that her doorbell doesn't work so I need to call up to let her know I'm there, and having used my Kindle for portable internet for a bit more than a year... all this made me take the plunge.

For only $180/month I get two Droid 2 phones with unlimited data, far more minutes per month than Yummy and I can use once we take out all the Friends and Family people.

On the bright side, Yummy is gonna dump her plan and use my second phone. It added $30/month to my plan, but she's currently paying $50/month and that's after stripping it down to the bare minimum.

Expensive little fucker. My car better break down a lot to make you worth my money.

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