Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday Links: January 7

Game: Chicken House. Knock down the house. Kill all the chickens. [link]

Doctor Who fan service: a TARDIS door. [link]

Interactive panorama of Mars in winter. [link]

Dirty Potter and the Fabulous Gay Farty Pee and Poo Party. Only posted because I think it hilarious that it's read by the guy who did the Harry Potter audio books. I turned it off after a minute.

Woman Tweeting her boyfriend's reactions to watch "The Sound of Music" for the first time. [link]

100 things this guy didn't know last year - with articles to elaborate. [link]

Half serious plan to put a monolith on the moon [link]

Mural of a building. [link]

Light graffiti pictures. [link]

Pictures of abandoned Detroit. [link]

Abandoned places in the Ozarks. [link]

Zepplins! [link]

Ok. Now let me look at those instructions.

"39 Degrees North" - an adaptation of a Neil Gaiman poem. [link]

Here's the good news about the last decade. [link]

Picture: ISS and the lunar eclipse. [link]

Picture: Space Shuttle with lunar eclipse. [link]

Picture: false color phytoplankton bloom off South America. [link]

Samples from actual Abstinence-only programs put to lame videos. [link]

Orson Welles talks about doing cold reading. I have a new respect for him.

Several weeks back the UN had a resolution listing valid reasons for countries to kill people. Being gay was on the list. America was pissed about it, but it made it in. Now it's been removed. I guarantee you that wouldn't have happened 3 years ago. [link]

Even evangelical hate monger Pat Robertson wants marijuana legalized. It's always unsettling when he makes sense.

A much better Star Wars: Christmas Special than the original.

World population expected to reach 7 billion this year. [link]

Picture: sea urchin teeth. [link]

We're not supposed to associate the guy who killed that Pakistani Governor with typical Muslims, but it's hard not to when he's being applauded and showered with flower petals. [link]

Fonts that work better for dyslexic people. [link]

An article about the effects of isolation on people and apes. [link]

Stuff juggling in slow motion. [link]

Open source cola recipe. [link]

Video on optogenetics.

The most adequate Santa story ever.

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