Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Links: January 14

Heavy metal version of the Doctor Who theme.

Sled stealing dog.

A thorough breakdown of Andrew Wakefield's study claiming vaccines cause autism and everything that's wrong with it. [link]

How to make cake in a coffee cup. [link]

WTF kitty.

Statler and Waldorf critique a D&D game. [link]

Hot Wheels with built in camera. [link]

Koi feeding.

Every episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

THIS [link] is someone reading a review for THIS [link] "game".

The Justice League being weird. [link]

Pixar: always awesome. How layoffs in the mid-80's were prevented. [link]

Man shot in head sneezes out bullet. [link]

Gimli Destroys the Ring.

Game: I am An Insane Rogue A.I. - you control the computer system determined to take over the world. [link]

Not from "The Sound of Music".

Twitter stood up to the US government. [link]

We all float down here.

Melting head cake. [link]

Chick-fil-A partners with anti-gay group. [link]
"...return to 'the biblical definition of marriage.'"
Would this be the one man and many wives model? Perhaps the Rape-as-proposal model.

Nazi campaign against Hitler mocking dog. [link]

How to make a bar for cheap. [link]

Leading Australian anti-vaccine activist gets destroyed on a radio program. Listen to the program at the [link]. It's not too long, but I couldn't find the pause button.

Listen. [link]

It's short this week, but you should see all the tabs of stuff I haven't watched or read yet.

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