Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Links: January 28

The Jurassic Park Theme played 1000% slower. [link]

Picture: Shanghai in 1990 and 2010. [link]

Fire cracker in slow motion.

A 1 hour 45 minute dissection of a presentation by a climate change denier. [link]

Kill it with fire!

Paper full of seeds. [link]

I would attend this music festival. [link]

How our gadgets impact our reading schedules. [link]

Doctor Who fan service:
How does one leave this in one's hotel room? [link]

TARDIS toddler toilet. [link]

Clothespin Chandelier. [link]

When we went to see the "Radiolab" roadshow they did this bit about why people can't walk straight lines. [link]

Make a Wi-Fi radio from a sound card and router. [link]

game: Z-Type - type the words to kill the attacking words. [link]

How to clean a porcelain coated sink or tub. [link]

Marketplace Canada did an episode about Homeopathy.
Part 1

Part 2

It Gets Better: the music video.
Watch through the credits.

Moses met the Pharoah. It wasn't quite like we're told.

Ben Goldacre: science at a million miles an hour.

10 best lines from the Golden Globes. [link]
Honestly? Bring Ricky back next year. I might actually be tempted to watch.

Taco Bell sued because their beef may not be beef. [link]
I would have gone after McDonalds first. Billions served, for which nearly a dozen head of cattle lost their lives.

Kid with a quality camera. (Your child may vary) [link]

Keyboard diet.
What is advised. [link]
What I do. [link]

Ant getting a drink.

Picture: Orion over a Mayan temple. [link]
More [link]

Rogue star! RUN! [link]

God's press conference.

An article about what we know and what remaining questions there are about pregnancy and fetal development in zero or diminished gravity. [link]

Michael Douglas: Photo bomber. [link]

What smells do girls like? Looks like Axe will be coming up with coffee cologne. [link]

Rock star of science posters. [link]
I may need some of the smaller versions.

Power outlets with USB jacks. [link]
Thought I'd posted this before, but I couldn't find it.

Part plant, part animal, all freaky. [link]

Yesterday was the 44th anniversary of the Apollo 1 fire. This is Phil Plait's memorial. [link]

I want to sent Sarah Palin some BBQ sauce for her feel. I mean if they're gonna spend so much time in her mouth...

Interesting bit about the effect of North American mountain ranges on our climate. [link]

Speed camera lottery. [link]

NASA finally has it's own solar sail deployed. [link]
They were beaten by Japan who would have lost to a private group if they didn't have to rely on broken down Russian tech for the launch.
WHAT!?! It's gonna reenter the atmosphere and burn up? What's the point? Congratulations, NASA, you got something to unfold. Too bad it doesn't do anything that a solar sail is supposed to do.

The GOP: pro-tracking your internet activity - anti-tracking whether psychotics have guns. [link]

Mystery piano found on sand bar. [link]

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