Tuesday, January 25, 2011

28 hour day

Previously on Dougintology:

Congress: We're closing the military base you work on.

Col: Good news! I found us some new offices.

Contractors: (to current residents of new offices) This wall is load bearing! You're gonna have to redo your plans.

Col: Everybody work from home. We should have offices for everyone by April.

I think that gets everyone up to speed. We go there once a week for staff meetings, but that's it.
At the staff meeting last week we were told that work hasn't started yet on the offices for the people in our offices. They weren't clear on why, but there seems to be an issue between the contractors and the Army bureaucracy. It can't be a scheduling conflict because I know there isn't enough work for all the contractors. Knowing the system it's more likely a case of some dumb fuck leaving the paperwork on his desk for 6 months.

A new month for our move in was mentioned: September.

It came up in conversation. I don't know how reliable the guess is, but I'm believing it.

I'd have switched to a new day system if it weren't for staff meetings on Wednesday and Yummy on the weekends. I'd like to try a 28 day system. My natural inclination is to have a day longer than 24 hours. With 28 days you add 4 hours to 6 days and drop the 7th. I'd get to sleep a few extra hours and I'd stay up a couple hours longer. As it is I already start work around 10:00 most days. Except today when I started around noon.

A 21 hour day wouldn't work the same. Strip 3 hours from 7 days to make an 8th. Sure, I'd get a 3 day weekend every weekend, but that would require going to bed earlier instead of later. That's just not gonna happen.

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