Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm going to Mars and I'm taking...

Congratulations, out of all of the applicants your name was chosen to be part of the first Mars colony. You'll be taking a craft up to the orbiting shipyards where you'll board the colony ship with five other people. Over a span of six months you'll make your way across the void to the red planet where the six of you will take the equipment stowed aboard the ship and setup the initial settlement. Shelters, gardens, water purifiers, air recyclers, waste disposal, rations and the like are all provided.

You probably won't make it back to Earth. You can't even get shipments for another 2 years after you land. You're allowed 5 personal items. Weight isn't really an issue. For the purposes of this thought experiment your feather pillows and your autographed Wile E Coyote anvil are equal. What are your 5 things?

Someone else's list.

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Sweetly Single said...

1 A solar powered dune buggy
2 Panels and plumbing for a self contained greehouse
3 seeds of edible foods and trees
4 pictures of home and loved ones
5 all the sherlock holmes radio programs programmed on rechargable mp3 player