Monday, November 10, 2008

mythological creatures

I was thinking about mythological creatures the other morning, like I often do, and it occurs to me that centaurs and fauns may be the same creature.

Think about it for a moment. You're a traveling storyteller. You spend your life moving from town to town where you tell stories and spread news of surrounding areas. In order to keep the attention of your audience you have to keep your stories succinct and moving quickly.

Keeping that in mind, if you were talking a centaur without drawing it how would you describe it?

Now how would you describe a faun (or satyr)?

You need pictures don't you?

It's a question kind of like the one about the mermaid. She's half fish and half woman, but which half is which? Or is it like how Obama is half black and half white but in no way resembles a zebra or dalmatian?

You're telling all these kids about your mythological being and you talk about someone who is half horse and half human. They get an image in their head and go on to try to draw the creature. In both their lower torso is fuzzy and hooved while the top is bare. But does it have two legs or four? Humans and horses both have four appendages, why would a crossbreed have six?

It could well be something bigfoot-like. All covered in horse fur, a mane, and a tail. Or maybe just a person with a really long face.

I dunno. This is what I get for thinking.


lacochran said...

You need a hobby.


Ibid said...

I have a hobby. I also have a job. When the job gets tedious my hands go on autopilot while my brain turns up crap like this.
You should hear some of the weirdness I used to get while spending 8-14 hours a day on the tractor.

Sweetly Single said...

hehehehe omg.

first - 8-14 hours on the tractor is called.... scrambling your own brains.

second - can you imagine what they would use to describe Bush?

p.s. awesome template btw!

GreenCanary said...

Weren't fauns supposed to be half-goat/half-man? Or am I confusing that with something else?

Ibid said...

No, you're right. But I'm writing that up as drift as the centuries pass. Probably because a half horse/half man that walked upright would be huge. Centaurs are pretty tall already.