Friday, November 07, 2008

Links Friday: 7 Nov

A heron catches and eats a rabbit

Octopus learns to kill lights with a squirt. Also juggles hermit crabs, smashes rocks against the glass, and plays with the fung shui of the tank.

Moon bound Indian rocket takes new pictures of Earth.

The Cassini probe sends back new pictures. This time of the southern polar region of Enceladus.
Archives at

A new cartoon I found. This is one of my favorites from the archive.

Creepy pictures

Books with more accurate titles

J Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Changling, and a bunch of comics) is writing the "Forbidden Planet" remake. There's a link, but that's pretty much everything.

SHIELDS! Somebody invented shields!

Bacon beats Fries

This might mean more to a former Kansan, but this is an article about one of rabid "Christian" Fred Phelps' sons who turned from his dangerous family.

How to make a Yip-Yip costume. You know. From Sesame Street.

Sugar cube sculptures

Once upon a time you could order monkeys from comic books. Here are some stories of people who did that.

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