Friday, November 28, 2008

Links Friday: 28 Nov

Underground glaciers found on Mars. [link]

Sweet wrist mounted computer. [link]

Why we keep church and state separate. [link]

The Big Picture is a collection of themed photos posted every couple of days by The Boston Globe. Check out the International Space Station pictures and how the station has grown over the years. [link]

Tilt shift photography seems to have become popular lately. It allows for a narrow depth of field at a distance so what you're shooting looks like models. Keith Loutit has some great tilt shift videos that look like stop motion of models. [link]

Lycos (remember them?) has opened up an online free movie library. [link]

Crash tests on a Smart Car ForTwo

You probably heard about the astronaut that dropped her tool bad while on EVA last week. Well some amature astronomer caught sight of it. [link]

A meteor recently passed over Edmonton, Canada. Here's the best video I've seen of it.

Play "Doom" online for free. [link]

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

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Malaise Inc said...

I buy hay in Little Axe, but never heard that story. Of course, it happened 15 years before I moved here, so it has probably fallen out of the local lore.