Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Movie review: Twilight

Yummy and I went to see "Twilight" Sunday. "Twilight" is the first book of an ongoing series about a girl and her vampire boyfriend. One could compare the popularity of this series to Harry Potter with the male fan base removed.

A seventeen year old girl goes off to live with her sheriff father up in the perpetually cloudy northwest United States. Skipping ahead... she starts dating a vampire. He's not the kind of vampire that drinks the blood of humans. He and his family eat animals and vegetables and whatnot.

The vampire has all the abilities of modern vampires with none of the weaknesses. He's fast, strong, good looking, and can read minds. When he goes into the sunlight he twinkles instead of dying. You kill them by tearing off their heads and burning the body.

The movie wasn't the disgusting pre-teen romance crap that I expected from the vampire-romance genre. OK, it was a bit, but not as bad as it could be. Take all three Spiderman movies and cut out almost everything but the Peter and MaryJane scenes and you're close.

Yummy has read the books. She didn't approve of some of the casting and said that there were some minor but not terribly significant deviations from the book. I mean, outside of cutting 300+ pages down to roughly 40 pages of the same formatting.

Most of the action is like what you see in the show "Smallville". Not much at all. Just the occasional demonstration of powers. There is a fight scene near the end of the movie when the central vampire family meets up with another family that isn't committed to protecting humans.

It wasn't awful, but I won't be getting it on DVD.


Kate said...

I've heard there's not enough teenage sex. That, and Bella seems to have a disney princess rescue complex. Yuck.

Ibid said...

Oh yeah. When she thought that tall, pale, and fangie was gonna dump her she looked like she was gonna have a breakdown.
From what Yummy told me about the books that's not out of character.

GreenCanary said...

No teenage sex, my Kate-licious Kate, but there isn't any sex in the books either. Wait, strike that. There IS sex in the books but it doesn't come until after Edward and Bella are married. (At the age of 17.) Keep in mind, Stephanie Meyer (the author) is Mormon so there's no premarital sex. Also no caffeine :-)