Friday, May 03, 2013

Friday Links: May 3

PBS meets The Avengers.

Notice that 3 of the 4 PBS show hosts shown are dead now.

Brian Blessed's entry for shed of the year. [link]

A guy with a custom motorcycle lives close to where Spiderman 2 is filming. He caused a bit of excitement when someone thought his bike had something to do with the movie. [link]

Abandoned parts of Six Flags America. [part 1] [part 2]

Cups that have been to the bottom of the ocean. [link]

Dovahbear: part 3

Pirate ship/house boat! Only $80K. [link]

Some interesting products at Nostalgia Electronics. [link] [see also]
I hate with a passion, but the "Customers also bought" section for this product is kind nifty.

Klingon version of the song "Kiss Me".

Downtown Oakland being built in Minecraft. [link]

Gorilla surrogate parents. [link]

Evil clown still stalk your child for it's birthday. [link]

Crocheted Big Daddy from Bioshock. [link]

22 broken gifs that will make you question your sanity. [link]

"I should have vaccinated my daughter." [link]

A tragically real South Carolina 4th grade science test. [link]

Animals that can dance. [link]

Internet stores may soon have to charge taxes. [link]

The math American's really use at work. [link]

What if the Boston Bombers were the Boston Shooters? [link]

5 buttons that shouldn't have been pressed. [link]

A Toy Story short story. [link]

Possibly the first purse I've ever thought worth the fuss. [link]

Prison reviews on Yelp. [link]

Racially integrated proms still a novelty in Georgia. [link]

Washington state now differentiates marijuana from industrial hemp. [link]

Older siblings may have more influence on younger siblings than parents do. [link]

Tips for designing a brand for your cattle. [link]

Historical maps overlayed on Google Maps. [link]
My house is near the top of the DC map. 

Time... crystals? [link]

Parents asked about the creepiest thing their kids have said. [link]

How to land a plane if you're not a pilot. [link]

Flying if you're in Congress. [link]

I mentioned that Yummy and I toured a Baltimore incinerator. This is what we saw inside. But it won't hit you like seeing that claw come towards you fast does. [link]

Guantanamo memoirs. [link]

A simple 13 question science test. [link]

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