Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Easy to make butter

I had a recipe that required heavy cream. But only a little bit. I ended up with the better part of a carton of heavy butter left over. Well, I'm not about to just dump it out. What do I do with it? Make 6 more of that recipe? No, it wasn't that good. What I found instead was how to turn the rest of it into butter.

Get yourself a jar with a lid. Lids are important.
Pour the heavy cream into said jar. You need to leave lots of air in the jar. Fill the jar less than half full.
Shake the jar.
What did I say about the lid? Yeah, you should have put that on before shaking.
Shake the jar.
Depending on your endurance you should get whipped cream after about 7-10 minutes of shaking.

Here's where instructions I've seen and I start to differ. They say that after a few more minutes of shaking your whipped cream should start to separate into buttermilk and butter. Mine didn't do that. Maybe I needed more room in my jar. What I did instead was whack the jar on the countertop. Hard enough to jar the contents, but not enough to break the jar. Just give it a good whack or two on the counter and the whipped cream collapses. What I had left was basically whipped butter. At least to my untrained taster. I never had any buttermilk.

Variations on this involve adding salt for salted butter or adding sugar for dessert style whipped cream. I haven't played with that yet.

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Der_Muffinman2 said...

If you are playing with milk, maybe you should take a look at making Kefir. I did this in college in my Food Fermentation class. I would imagine that you could find some grains in DC. It is a fun, naturally carbonated, slightly alcoholic, slightly sour milk beverage. It is even better when sweetened and flavored with fruits like yogurt.