Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Links: May 17

Two Spocks hanging out.

2000 tons of undetonated American and British bombs are found in Germany every year. Still. [link]

A $350,000 hamburger grown in a lab. [link]

How to find exoplanets.

Just in case you haven't seen the video of Chris Hadfield performing Space Oddity on the ISS.

"That's the fourth coffee I've dropped today, keep forgetting it won't float when I let go." - Chris Hadfield parody Twitter account

What did it cost to make that video? [link]

Prepare to squee!

10 reasons time travel is no good. Not the usual reasons.

Supernatural fans should appreciate this devils trap skirt. [link]

...and this map of where the Impala has gone. [link]

... and where the Winchesters have been. [link]

A zero-player-game for your phone. [link]

Astrophysicist Brian May and Weeble have an updated version of the Badger Song.

In today's production of Lord of the Rings the role of Legolas will be played by a squirrel and a cat will be filling the part of the Oliphant.

A submerged town comes up for air. [link]

Stop motion Lego Star Trek.

The unmade Stargate: Atlantis movie/season 6 premier. [link]

Floral clock history and instructions. [link]

Doctor Who's crib. [link]

Short film: The Backwater Gospel

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