Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday Links: February 8

Movie directing bear.

Acting like Superman can make you behave more like Superman. [link]

Gangnam Style flip book. [link]

Find Momo the dog in these pictures. [link]

Huh. Those galaxies shouldn't be moving like that. [link]

Game: Mercator Puzzle - where do these countries go on a skewed Mercator map? [link]

Women can carry injured soldiers just fine. [link]

The meanings behind some nursery rhymes. [link]
Some of the meanings are just rubbish. Not sure why they bothered to include them.

Homeless guy and his cat. [link]

Strange inventions. [link]

Songs written about their record labels. [link]

American carbon emission are actually falling. [link]

How to find a stolen car. [link]

AIDS resistance through constant exposure. [link]

360° volcano flyover video. [link]

How to provoke mild interest in your cat for a few minutes.

Dinosaurs had appropriately sized fleas. [link]

Bobby Jindal says the smartest thing from a Republican mouth in decades. [link]

Al Capone came up with milk bottle dating. [link]

Things are getting better for the really poor. [link]

Jeremy Clarkson designed a new "world's tiniest car". It has issues if you want to go in real traffic. [link]

Several old flying cars. [link]

Idaho Senator has introduced legislation requiring all Idaho high school students to read "Atlas Shrugged". [link]

How Coke makes orange juice. [link]

Hacked video games in Nairobi. [link]

Disney has plans for stand alone Star Wars movies besides continuing the saga. Here's one of their planned movies. [link]

New proposed federal marijuana legalization. [link]

Webcam for space stuff. [link]
Tune in Thursday Friday afternoon to watch the asteroid that's zipping inside geosynchronous orbit. 

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