Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chrome Task Manager

If you surf like me you have dozens of browser windows and tabs open at the same time. This can eat your memory and leave you with little to anything productive with. I originally used the Activity Monitor on the Mac to shut down memory hogging pages. The pages would remain open and remember where they were supposed to go, but the contents would go away until I hit reload. But it wouldn't tell me which page I was killing. I just had to cross my fingers and hope that it wasn't one I was using.

Several months back I found out about the Task Manager built into the Chrome web browser. You can find it by either going to Window>Task Manager or going to the button with the three horizontal lines to the right of the address bar, clicking Tools>Task Manager. Then sort the contents by Memory. Now you can see what pages are memory hogs and kill them until you're ready to finish looking at that page. I can leave tabs open for weeks until I find the time to read that article. I'm often surprised at how apparently simple pages are sucking down hundreds of megabytes of memory. Now you can be too.

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